1. Stop / Doin' It Our Way
    Broomfield Corporate Jam

  2. Let Go
    Raw Soul Express

  3. What About the Child

  4. Best Kept Secret
    Raw Soul Express

  5. Smiling Faces
    East of Underground

  6. Let Your Light Shine
    Willie Dale

  7. The Time is Right

  8. Galaxies Like Grains of Sand
    Hampshire & Foat

  9. Ecology

  10. Simple Song

  11. My Dreams Are Clouded
    Henry Thomas & Rise

  12. Live at the Point After - 20 Aug 1977
    J.O.B Band

  13. Watchin' You / To The Sky
    Friction Band

  14. Since I Was A Little Girl
    Hard Drivers

  15. BAB - Party & Get On Down

  16. Frazelle - Today Is The Day

  17. Fruit - What You Gonna Do (500 only)

  18. Hot Oklahoma Nights
    Uptown Syndicate

  19. Penny Goodwin
    Penny Goodwin

  20. Strange - You / Space V

  21. Portrait of a Gemini
    Penny Goodwin

  22. Havin' A Party / Music (Makes Me High)

  23. Life Is A Miracle
    Jax Transit Authority

  24. Madness / If Your So In Love

  25. Mr. Magic (Fryers Edit) / Talking About My Baby
    John Heartsman

  26. When You Have Love / Run For Cover
    Felony Theft

  27. The Power Of Your Love
    The Spirit Of Love

  28. I saw You

  29. Maybe So Maybe No / My Baby Aint No Plaything.
    New Holidays

  30. Stephen Colebrooke / Stay Away From Music
    Stephen Colebrooke

  31. I Thought You Wanted To Dance -
    Symbol 8

  32. Hidden Stash
    Rasputin's Stash

  33. Fruit

  34. Listen / Party
    Little George n' The Mixed Generation

  35. World Today
    New World

  36. If You Dance Tonight

  37. You've Got A Lot Of Living
    Mr. Wigg & Co.

  38. Everything That Looks Good
    Bubba Suggs

  39. Well Good

  40. Cookin' / Cokin' and Smokin'
    Tortilla Factory

  41. School Dance / Sweetness

  42. Truth is the Key / Dreamflower
    Tarika Blue

  43. We Want To Play For You / Sweet Tender Loving
    Brief Encounter

  44. The Undisco Kidds
    Boots For Dancing

  45. Confrontation
    Homegrown Syndrome

  46. Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)

  47. Reality / Dreams
    Underground Resurrection

  48. You Done Let the Daylight Catch You / Smoke In The Disco
    The Second Re$surrection

  49. Wish Upon Love / Night on Beach Island
    Cool Creations of St. Maarten

  50. Second Re$surrection - Keep On Keeping On

  51. The Tonistics - Holding On

  52. Black Fairy
    La Mont Zeno Theatre

  53. I Think I'm Falling In Love
    Leroy Hutson

  54. Formula 1

  55. Tell Her/ The Dance Got Old
    Fred WIlliams

  56. Watch the Dog / I'll Be There
    Sandy Gaye / Franciene Thomas

  57. Forrest Terry
    Forrest Terry

  58. Henry Stone's Miami Soul - The Record Man's Finest 45s

  59. Gangster Boy
    The Reality Band and Show

  60. Complete Friends & Buddies
    Milton Wright

  61. Super Woman / That's What I Get
    Beginning of the End

  62. Greatest Part Of Loving You
    Straight Jacket

  63. Hallelujah
    Frank Ferrer

  64. Lihue / Playing with Fire
    Nohelani Cypriano

  65. Something Special
    Lew Kirton

  66. Open Up Your Heart
    Ishola Muhammad

  67. These Are The Good Times

  68. Split Decision Band - Watchin' Out
    Split Decision Band

  69. Be There In The Morning
    Renee Geyer

  70. Nassau Funky
    Raphael Munnings

  71. Chauffeur

  72. Travelling Stanger
    Ann Leonardo / Bill Johnson Quintet

  73. You Better Stop It / Do I Love You (VINYL ONLY LTD NO REPRESS)
    Barbara Mason

  74. You Can Win


Athens Of The North Edinburgh, UK

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